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The Scooter School Book is a popular rhyming children’s book based on the charming Mr Scooter Smith …

Mr Scooter Smith loves scootering, getting to where he wants to go without anything getting in his way.

He is always careful and likes to travel around the neighbourhood, seeing what is going on around him.

One day, however, he is knocked off his scooter by a very careless, clumsy rider. What does he do next?

For young scooter riders.

The Scooter School pupils

Meet the author

I live and work in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey. Whilst studying in London, I rode around on a scooter which I bought from Florida in the United States.

The popularity of scooters is now everywhere and I have developed my rhyming stories around “The Scooter School” headed up by Mr Scooter Smith.


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