Decorate Your Christmas Scooter!

Mr Scooter Smith has been busy decorating his scooter for Christmas. Upload your Christmas scooter design to win a copy of The Scooter School book. Miss Silver Chrome and Mr Scooter Smith will be judging the competition on 18th December 2019.

How to enter

There will be five prizes. Looking forward to seeing your amazing designs and good luck. Safe scootering always.

Go to our social media channels to upload your scooter designs and don’t forget to tag them #christmasscooter2019

Or you can buy the book here.

Meet Scooter School Pupil Brightly Lightly

Brightly Lightly knows that scootering in the dark means we have to be especially careful.

Fortunately Brightly has a bright lamp on his helmet, so he can always see others, and they can see him.

Mr Scooter Smith is knocked off his scooter

Mr Scooter Smith Takes a Tumble

Mr Scooter Smith is knocked off his scooter

One day, Mr Scooter Smith is scootering along.

Suddenly, another scooter rider causes him to take a tumble and a stumble. Read more

Mr Scooter Smith Meets Miss Silver Chrome

One day whilst riding his scooter, Mr Scooter Smith meets Miss Silver Chrome.

“Lovely day for riding”, he says.

Then he waves her goodbye.